Survey: Why HR Professionals leave the organization?

Survey: Why HR Professionals leave the organization?

Why HR Professionals leave the organization?

We don’t get the talent in market easily. You have to search it. The same is with HR talent. The role of HR is critical in every organization. Service and retail industry is growing and also the employment in various sectors and positions. The HR has become a key to control the total Human Capital.

Hence the market demand for HR professionals is also high. The job hopping is increasing across the positions in all sectors. I have seen senior level professionals leaving the organizations due to some reasons within 6 months or one year. I tried to find the reasons from one survey.

This survey is not absolute survey and needs to work more. The sample size for the survey was 150 HR professionals from various Industries and having the experience of 2-10 years.

Why HR professionals leave the organization? What are the key reasons for leaving?

Following are top 7 reasons.

1) Compensation and benefits: 49 percent HR professionals leave the organization for increased compensation. This reason is more dominant over any other reason.

2) Challenging job Profile and Learning new HR concepts: around 40% HR professionals responded that they see challenges in new profile and also the new learning in HR.

3) Freedom to take decisions: 34% Professionals leave the organization because they were not authorized to take the decisions. The decision was dominated by the superior. They feel that they were playing the role of just co-ordinator. These people may be ambitious people.

4) Politics in the organization: 32 % professional were fade up with the politics played in the organization. The definition of politics is person specific but still important to decide the career move.

5) Lack of HR vision: Professionals are not aware about the HR vision of the organizations. 29% professionals say that they leave the organization due to lack of clarity about HR vision of the organization.

6) Good employer brand: Around 25% professionals think that Employer Brand is also important factor while deciding the career move from one organization to other organization.

7) Relations with superior: Employees leave their superior and not the organization. This is true here. 21% professionals think this.