MOE Qatar, The Education Ministry approves US, UK university programs

MOE Qatar, The Education Ministry approves US, UK university programs

MOE Qatar, The Education Ministry approves US, UK university programs

The Minister of Education and Higher Education has approved undergraduate and graduate programs offered by prestigious US and UK universities beginning fall 2020 in Qatar. 

Global Studies Institute, a Qatari education enterprise will manage the programs, in collaboration with Shorelight Technologies. The programs are to be offered at the Aspire Zone Foundation using live lectures from select Universities from the US and the UK.

The Chairman of Global Studies Institute made an announcement, “On behalf all of our partners, I am honoured to announce the launch of the Global Studies Institute in Qatar. Bringing together world class universities and utilising a technology platform that allows real time live instruction and facilitates a learning environment that has never been done before, is truly a remarkable milestone in advancing higher education in Qatar.” 

Associates, Bachelors, Masters and Professional Development educational programs to Qatari Citizens and residents will be offered. 

“This achievement could not have been made possible without the support of all the partners and the team at the Global Studies Institute. I would like to thank everyone who has worked on realizing this dream in addition to the Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education. Without their support, encouragement, shared vision, values, and commitment to excellence, this project would not have come to fruition,” he added. 

Starting this September 2020, programs will be offered by the State University of New York, and the University of South Carolina. Two additional Universities already approved by the Ministry will be added in January 2021.

The programs will be offered using the real time, highly interactive and content-rich format using Shorelight Technology systems especially built for the Qatari students to have a more immersive classroom experience than if they were sitting in a classroom thousands of miles away. 

2-year associate’s degrees, 4-year undergraduate degrees, graduate programs at the master’s level and professional development opportunities are to be included. Students can now get a high quality US or UK degree without leaving Qatar or can transfer to a top tier international university with one or two years of study already completed. Furthermore, because of the close cooperation with Qatari universities, students will be able to transfer coursework to universities in Doha.