Chapter Membership Levels and Educational Awards

Empowerment of members is essence of success of HRM Leaders. The formats of events, meetings, seminars, and conferences are designed so well that only attending to these events can increase knowledge and understanding of members and can be helpful to keep the members updated on current affairs, new trends and innovations in HR management practices.

Since all our events are broadcasted to news papers, media and social media on a big level, the awards and recognitions increase the visibility of members in the region.




The following educational awards are given away to the members :

Level 1 = Title- MHRM- Member of HRM Leaders

Level 2 = Title- FHRM- Fellow of HRM Leaders

Level 3 = Title- CMHRM- Contributing Member of HRM Leaders

Level 4 = Title- SFHRM- Specialist Fellow of HRM Leaders

Level 5 = Title- PSHRM- Profound Scholar of HRM Leaders

  • Detailed guidelines to achieve the above mentioned educational awards and titles can be obtained from the executive council of the chapter in your region. The inquiries on membership and achieving the titles can also be sent to

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